Casper mattress topper

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I purchased Casper topper for me because I will be having surgery on my hip and wanted a comfortable sleep. This was so plush that it caused my lower back to ache and ended up giving me the opposite. I wanted to spend about $30, but couldn't find anything that was thick and comfortable. I would not have been able to re-box and the weight was considerable, making the shipping expensive. I usually like softer or more plush mattresses. This on top made the difference and now I sleep well barely moving the whole night. After a back procedure it was too firm and caused neck pain and arms to fall asleep. I love that the corners have the elastic to go around the Casper mattress and we don't have to try to stretch the whole thing. This topper gave us the soft slight sink we were missing which made us feel cozied in, but it didn’t deter from the firm support of the mattress.

But I would have to take it off every couple of days and fluff it back up because it would settle and become kind of uncomfortable. Seems to be decent-quality construction as well, so my initial impression after a week of use is that this is a very good value. Not as fluffy as I expected but definitely improved the feel of my mattress. This Casper mattress topper is a close second in comfort without the settling issue. One thing I would like to say - don't waste your money without coupon codes, grab this coupon for casper mattress and it will save you up to $150.

I've had this product for about 2-3 months now and I can see a slight decrease in the thickness. Product was delivered on time and in wonderful condition. I love a firm bed but our bed was like sleeping on plywood. I tried a foam topper which was horrible, squishy and hot. Otherwise great product, very comfy to lay on my pullout couch. The mattress topper was well stitched and fullly packed with Casper company. It is exactly as advertised which is very rare these days. I am keeping my mattress cover and plan to order others as gifts. Great for visitors and camping too.